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Coatings are commodities.

Buy what you need. Only.


Over time, coatings have slowly stabilized into very predictable, easy to access/replace products. There is still space for technological innovation, although most products are very similar one company to the other. In a word, commoditization.


To counterbalance this maturity, major producers have started feeding their offer with added services, with the intent to further differentiate and maintain margins.


That too is over. You can now decide the level of service you want to include in your coating.


Technical Specifications: All painting project starts with a precise, well-rounded technical specification. This describes products to be used, cycles, surface preparation, etc.

We provide our customers with a fully automated app able to carefully estimate quantities of paint and cycles to be used, depending on products characteristics and specific project needs. Its use grants an additional discount on the project value.



Buy online: The use of our automated ordering platform allows the reduction of commercial costs, which reflects in higher discount granted.


Payment Terms: Time is money. For this reason, the shorter the payment terms, the higher the discount we will be able to provide to you.


Arrange Shipping: SMART is able to quickly ship globally. If you decide to use your own services, we will be able to provide you with an additional discount.



In-Office Technical Support: Customer will have full online access to all information related to each of their vessels serviced by SMART: coated surfaces on each vessel, cycle type, cycle suggested, Technical and Safety data sheets of products used and more.

Customer might also elect to maintain their vessel paint shop through our internet application. This way, when paint arrives or is used on board, situation will allways be under control.


In-Dock Technical support: During drydocks or maintenance projects, our customers might need our technical advice or supervision. Alternatively, customers could prefer to use their own internal staff. This will reflect in the price of the products ordered.

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