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Light 01 - LI01

Two-Component Light Epoxy Filler


A two-component, lightweight epoxy filler, featuring high adhesion and water resistance, when fully cured is easy to sand.


Recommended use: as a filler and fairing compound, especially suitable for profiling large areas and detailed fairing where structural strength is important. It can be used on most primed rigid substrates, above and below the waterline.


Sub 01 - SU01

Two-Component Underwater Epoxy Filler


A two-pack pure epoxy filler for underwater application. 100% solids by volume, can remove water from the surface to be treated, granting excellent adhesion on wet surfaces.


Particularly useful for temporary repairs, both in water or moving. It is also suitable for temporary fixes on sechests, boot topping and submerged parts of cement quays.




Fairing refers to the filling and shaping of low areas so they blend with the surrounding surfaces and appear "fair" to the eye and touch. After major structural assembly has been completed, final fairing can be easily accomplished with epoxy fillers.


Surface fillers are used to fill large cavities, cover large areas, and provide a smooth surface for subsequent processes.  Specific epoxy technoligies also allow for underwater repair of submersed structures or minor hull damages.

FL 01 - FL01

Epoxy Filler 01


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