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Finish 01 - FI01

Single-Component Alkyd Finish


Superior flexibily allow alkyd coatings to adjust with the surfaces as ships swells and contracts. However, one-part alkyd finishes are not as durable as two-parts and need an annual maintenance coat.


This said, paint softness makes it easier to touch up scratches and dings, making maintenance easy. Additionally, alkyds are self-leveling, making application easy.




Finish 02 - FI02

Two-Component Polyurethane Finish


Two-part polyurethanes yield the most durable, scratch resistant finish. The hardness means it is not flexible, and will crack if not applied to rigid substrates.


Only two part polyurethane topsides yield the highest gloss and most durable finish that may hold up as much as five years. Scratch and ding repairs to polyurethanes are visible.

Finish 03 - FI03

Single-Component Polyurethane Finish


One-part polyurethane finish produce a gloss sheen that is not quite as durable as two part paints.


They are the perfect balance between easy application and hard, glossy finish.




Finish paints refer to the coatings applied on a boat's upper hull, deck and interior areas and generally above the waterline. These finishes will provide excellent cosmetic appearance to the surface coated, plus resistance to UV and other environmental agents (saltwater, pollution, etc.).




There are essentially 3 kinds of topside coatings: one-part alkyd paints, two-part polyurethanes and one-part polyurethanes.

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