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The majority of primers and sealers are products that improve the ability of a finishing paint to adhere to surfaces. Primers typically form a binding layer while filling imperfections on the surface layer of the substrate material. Many primers are designed to be used on one material substrate only.


Choosing the correct type of primer or sealer is not difficult once the application, surface materials, specific paint systems and their physical characteristics are understood.

Primer 01 - PR01

Single-Component Anticorrosive Alkyd Primer


One-part primers are designed for use with one-part paint cycles. One-part paint systems are the easiest to work with and apply for on-board maintenance projects.


These coating systems are used on steel and aluminum above-the-waterline surfaces.


Primer 02 - PR02

Two-Component Anticorrosive Epoxy Primer


Two-part epoxy primers demonstrate excellent adhesion and filling properties, providing a hard, strong base designed for the application of epoxy and polyurethane paint systems. Two-component paint systems are generally more complex to use and apply than one-part paint products.


Epoxy primers are appropriate for a wide range of substrates including aluminum and steel and can be used above or below the waterline.


Primer 03 - PR03

Two-Component Anticorrosive Epoxyvinyl Primer


Recommended as a protective primer coat for marine structures. Its main advantage is that it can be recoated without sanding even after a long period.


It exhibits outstanding adhesive strength on different types of steel and aluminium.



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